2018 STEER Eagle Ford Excellence Awards


South Texas Energy & Economic Roundtable - STEER Eagle Ford Excellence Awards 2018 Winners

A Message from our Interim President


I’d like to thank everyone for submitting some incredible entries for STEER’s 2018 Eagle Ford Excellence Awards. On December 5, STEER had the pleasure of awarding eight companies with an Eagle Ford Excellence Award. This award ceremony is something that STEER is particularly proud of because it is about working together as an industry to protect our employees and those in the community, preserve the environment and give back to the communities in which we live and work.

It’s exciting to see South Texans in the oil and gas industry submit their entries year after year, ready to compete and show the judges how truly innovative you are. STEER is proud to honor these great organization for the work they are doing in South Texas and beyond.

Thank you all for continuing to do the right thing throughout South Texas! And thank you to those who submitted entries for this year’s Eagle Ford Excellence Awards! You have all shown unwavering dedication to this industry and the communities of South Texas.

I encourage everyone to come back next year with new ideas and enhancements to the safety practices, environmental protection and community service initiatives.

Thank you!

Chris Ashcraft

Interim President and CEO



You may also fill out this form and send to info@steer.com or PO Box 831668, San Antonio, TX 78283: